Monday, August 2, 2010

Ellegirl Model Search scouts NailEZEE

(Jazzlyn mid-mani)

(Maggie reaching for her favorite polish choice in Mint Mojito)

(Jazzlyn and Maggie testing the NailEZEE polish colors on their digits)

(Jazzlyn choosing her mini NailEZEE polish colors)

The 3 Sisters are happy to announce that we are partnering with Ellegirl's Model Search to find girls to shoot, manicure, style, and prep for a casting at a modeling agency and further their modeling career. We couldn't be any more excited and inspired. We love everything Ellegirl Magazine stands for and thought that we would make a great team. Our first shoot went fantastic! The model winners Jazzlyn and Maggie were so beautiful and kind--everything The 3 Sisters love. Click here to check-out some behind the scenes footage of the shoot.

More to come. . .
-The 3 Sisters

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