Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Put a Berry Big Ring on it

Let's hear it for New York...

With the ear piercing chants of "HOVA" filling MSG, I raised my hands in the air to form the now symbolic triangle that all Jay Z fans have come to identify with the iconic rapper. Not fully understanding the origin of this I decided to join in anyway. As I gazed up not only did I notice Lil Wayne (who was supposed to be in prison) rush the stage, but couldn't help but think, (out loud I might add) "Wow, my digits look damn gorgeous!"Our very own, "That's Berry Fuschia" from our ColorEZEE line had just the right about of sparkle and sweetness to shine amongst all the stars on stage...

No manicure is complete without a gorgeous set of jewels. My very talented friend, Sari of designed this fabulous set of metallic bracelets. Loving gunmetal these days and I'm always inspired by her designs. Pick up your own customized set to spice up and compliment any outfit! 

Oh, and did we mention we were googling over Beyonce, who was jamming for her guy in the crowd. Looks like B is sporting a similarly fabulous shade...

3 Sisters- NYC

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