Monday, November 2, 2009

When Beauty & Fashion Collide: Inspiration Board

Something to pink about...Ever tried blending fashion and beauty? The result: NailEZEE's inspiration board. Every week will have a new theme and we will talk about what inspires our weekly mani/pedi colors and health tips that keep you looking young and fabulous.
This week is all about pink (Ryan's fav). Keeping things fresh and vibrant while transitioning into the Fall season, pink always makes everything a little bit sweeter. Whether you prefer a bright or light hue, pink makes nails look clean after a long, hard day at the office (I often catch myself smiling at my digits as they click away at the key board) or when dark colors are splashed across your wardrobe.
Hope we inspired you today!
xox The 3 Sisters

Pinking of you from India, London and the Big Apple. We are feeling inspired by Matthew Williamson, Judith Leiber, Amrita Singh.

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