Tuesday, October 13, 2009


As little girls we would sit amongst the hive of women buzzing throughout the nail filing and clicking of high heels. We too loved manicures and chose from the rotating tower of colors. . . Pinks, reds, sparkles--the options were endless. Hearts and balloons were often designed on our little thumbs. We were in heaven!
As we got older, we experimented with products that promi
sed fast results, bad tasting proteins, and even
experienced our fair share of home remedies gone bad.
In reality though, we were all struggling with very real nail problems that we as distinct as our three personalities. From Ryan's thin and peeling nails, to Jordan's dry and brittle nails, to Erin's healthy nails that only needed maintenance, NailEZEE developed three formulas to cover it all for women.

Colors were always an influential part of our childhood and therefore we decided to integrate them into the line's packaging and design. The color purple for restoration and healing, pink offering a replenishing change, and green a symbol of growth, peace, and balance. As the oldest, Ryan, a notorious nail biter, often chose bubblegum pink for her manicures, complimenting her curly ringlet hair. Jordan, the middle sister, is always full of energy and a rambunctious fiery spirit. Erin, the youngest by at least ten years, is the most focused and serious of the three girls. Always experimenting with the latest and "it" colors for her nails, you will never see Erin sporting the same color twice. Although we are characteristically different, we share the same drive, ambition, and passion for what we do.
Our hope is that you, our readers, continue to be inspired and empowered as much as we are. Whether you yearn for balance as a working woman, exude compassion and grand dreams as a mother, or are an intuitive and visionary teenager, we strive to connect to all of you.
Check back often as we update our creative pallet. Put those digits to work girls!

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